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Ever asked yourself, How often should I change my pillow?

Ever asked yourself, How often should I change my pillow?

Pillows are often overlooked when replacing other items in the bedroom and household that tend to wear out over time.

Since your pillow spends 99% of it's life inside a pillowcase, it's easy to forget about and see how dirty your pillow is really becoming. The average recommendation is to replace your pillows yearly, however the average in US households only replaces their pillows every 2.5 years, Yuck!

This means many of us are sleeping on pillows filled with dust mites, allergens and yes, even disgusting bacteria and dead skin cells.

When Cosy House Collection set out to develop a pillow to complement it's line of bedding products, they knew this wouldn't be an easy project to complete.

After nearly 2 years of prototypes, materials and yes even shapes, the Luxury Bamboo Pillow was born. 

While it looks like an ordinary pillow from the outside, the science and research that went into developing this product is incredible. It's made up of 3 unique layers that combined, make a very customize-able, breathable and supportive pillow that's also naturally anti-bacterial with it's removable and washable Bamboo cover.

The Luxury Bamboo Pillow also comes naturally overstuffed, allowing consumers to customize the pillow to their exact needs. Some prefer tall pillows, while others medium or even flat pillows.

Every sleeper is different, and they knew that being able to adjust the Luxury Bamboo Pillow would be the key feature that put them ahead of the competition.

We've reached a deal with Cosy House Collection to offer their pillows to our customers for an INSANE limited discount, Normally $143.95 each, we're able to offer them for $39.95 for a Limited Time, but hurry supplies are limited.

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